Water Saver Solutions is made up of people who authentically care about bringing further safety, efficiency and operational excellence to your organization.

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Water Saving Company

Charles Bragdon

Founder & President

Charles "Chuck" Bragdon founded Water Saver Solutions in 2008 to meet the dual objectives of helping commercial and institutional facilities cut utility costs and comply with California's mandate for 20% reduction in water use by 2020. A thorough understanding of healthcare regulations related to water usage has solidified a niche for WSS in this stringent environment.

Combining 22 years US Navy technical background with over ten years' experience owning a home construction business, Chuck has developed a proprietary water assessment strategy for this highly regulated industry. The backbone of WSS's methodology relies on accurate metrics that quantify the potential large-scale savings and qualify the end user for utility rebates and incentives. WSS identifies and helps obtain available rebates and incentives, reducing red tape and delivering maximum savings with a rapid return on investment. Thanks to WSS, healthcare facilities save millions of gallons of water and reduce utility operating expenses every year.

Chuck is a graduate of Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Small Businesses, an intensive business education program developed by Babson College. Water Saver Solutions is a federally certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

Mike Park

Managing Analyst

Mike Park holds a Bachelors of Science in physics and a Masters of Science in computer science. As Managing Analyst for Water Saver Solutions, Mike applies his engineering, programming and business skills to quantifying and communicating water conservation strategies for healthcare facilities. He develops financial metrics to help managers compare conservation efforts to the other projects competing for precious budget dollars. Using statistical and other numerical methods, he ensures that WSS's conclusions and recommendations are backed by real data that are included in reports. Acting in an advisory role to the president, Mike assesses risk, consults on day-to-day business activities and helps formulate strategic objectives and goals.

Gregory Paul

Business Development Manager

Gregory Paul earned his Bachelors of Arts from Columbia College Chicago in 2016. A self-taught computer programmer, he brings a creative problem-solving approach to his role as WSS's Business Development Manager. Gregory's experience overseeing WSS's team throughout facility audits, conservation recommendations and installations enables him to shepherd new customers through the entire process, fostering lasting customer relationships. Thanks to his programming expertise, Gregory has been instrumental in fine-tuning the company's analytics tools and streamlining its business processes for greater efficiency. His efforts enable WSS to serve more customers while meeting its financial goals.

Michelle Tarian

Senior Project Manager

Michelle Tarian earned her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Geography from Ohio University in 2011 and became an Efficiency Sales Professional in 2015. Michelle brings her experience with environmental sustainability and water conservation to her position as Project Manager with Water Saver Solutions. She works closely with staff and clients on the development and implementation of projects that save water while promoting healthy environments. Michelle's expertise encompasses comprehensive survey and project management at large multi-building healthcare campuses, all supporting WSS's mission to enhance water efficiency in the healthcare industry.

Kristina Paul

Project Manager

Kristina Paul earned her Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from Omsk Technical University in 2014. She joined Water Saver Solutions in 2017 as an intern, responsible for data analysis, report accuracy and quality control. Within a year, Kristina's expertise and skills earned her a promotion to Project Manager. In this role, she uses water balance calculations to create strategic reports and recommendations for healthcare systems, and works closely with water treatment professionals to oversee the implementation of those recommendations.

Aditya Parikh

Assistant Project Manager

Aditya Parikh earned his Bachelors of Science in Sustainability - Urban Planning and Corporate Social Responsibility Focus from Arizona State University's School of Sustainability. He also received a Bachelors of Science in Global Health - Urban and Environmental Health Focus from Arizona State University. Since earning his degrees in 2017, Aditya has put his passion for the environment and global health to work at Water Saver Solutions. As Assistant Project Manager, he develops and designs water efficiency solutions, helps conduct cost/benefit analyses to determine the cost-effectiveness of implementing sustainable solutions, and creates water conservation reports used to debrief directors of hospitals and medical facilities. In 2017, he received the Arizona Medal for Water Innovation for progressive change in water technologies.

Victor Garcia

Operations Field Manager

Before joining Water Saver Solutions in 2017, Victor Garcia owned three successful retail businesses. As Sales Manager for an energy company, he oversaw a $55 million program and managed more than 27 employees, ESRs, energy/water auditors and union installers in their work installing lighting measures and water measures. Now Operations Field Manager at WSS, he manages teams of install technicians, prepares details of project installation, and coordinates with hospital facility managers and other clients to ensure implementation of WSS's water conservation recommendations runs smoothly.